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What started off as a formal arrangement between Trade India and Tripffee, turned out to a memorable experience for all of us, We present corporate travelogues with Trade India.

We were absolutely amazed when we returned home from the trip. Not only did we create a seamless, exciting trip for our friends at Trade India, but we had a ball making this trip worthwhile for them. Now that’s a job well done, we’d say!

The trip was lead by Captain Ankit, who always goes out his way to make all members happy and comfortable.

Our trip was a short escape to Rishikesh.  We intended to give our hard-working friends a piece of nature to relish, a chance to be more soulful. It was an opportunity to shed their inhibitions and to be more adventurous.

The mini-cation began where our Traveller picked up the folks just outside of their office at Okhla around 9:00 PM.

Everybody got settled into their places and thus began the sweet nothings of travelling. We’re talking about the part which nobody accepts to like to but almost everybody does. Yes, the bit when you’re on your way to the destination.

We believe going somewhere wouldn’t be half as fun, if it wasn’t for the road between us and our destination, right?

And so we travelled the road, humming to songs we hadn’t heard in ages, major 90’s nostalgia! From “Jab Bhi Koi Ladki Dekhun’ to ‘Chura Ke Dil Mera’ and ‘O -Oh Jaane Jaana’, it’s safe to say we covered it all! ?

Soon we had a layover at 1:30 A.M., to fill up our tummies with some delicious, piping hot stuffed paranthas! Good stuff – pun intended. These dhabas on the way to such destinations have an old-world charm, a warmth.

Now, when we say that every group on a vacation needs at least one talented guitarist, we mean it.

Our friend Aftab-the guitarist in the group, made an ordinary layover memorable just by playing our favorite tunes effortlessly on his guitar.

Needless to say, we were all tapped in the moment. We were happy to be there, swaying to the music with not a single care in the world.

Back on the track and a power nap later, we reached Haridwar. Here we experienced the bliss of seeing the sun rise and observed the religious ceremonies of the morning at Ganga.

We sipped our chai and smiled at the world – the trip was already in its full swing and we hadn’t even reached our destination yet!

Fast forward to 8 a.m., a small trek led us to our camps at Rishikesh, and we’d be understating it when we say that we were absolutely delighted to see the beautiful water stream that was passing by just adjacent to our camps.

We could touch the fresh water and hear its rumbling sound as it crossed our camp.

Travel makes us hungry, and we found some delicious breakfast waiting to be gobbled up. Satisfied and happy, we changed into more comfortable clothes for some POOL TIME!

Fooling around, playing volleyball, showing off our swimming skills, experimenting with underwater cameras – we were wonderfully refreshed, even if the journey was a bit tiresome, we couldn’t feel it now!

Soon enough, we dried ourselves in the sun, while our friend Aftab entertained us with his music.

Our bodies were starting to signal us to get some rest, with reason- an exciting day was ahead of us! We retired to our comfortable and clean camps.

Contrary to popular belief, staying in camps doesn’t have to be inconvenient. In fact- it’s a wonderful new experience, a comfortable and hygienic one at that!

Post our power naps, we had our lunch at the camp. Afterwards, we assembled for a sweet short trek to a precious little waterfall.

On our way uphill, we experienced the beautiful nature and mountains, the birds and the flowers, all intertwined into one great package, giving us one of the best views we had seen in a while in our city lives.

On reaching the waterfall, we dipped our toes in the water and relaxed. It was absolutely necessary to fully take in the beauty of the moment. The breathtaking nature was enchanting, almost unreal.

Some of us were watching in amazement, while others were clicking pictures to remember the moment fondly.

The sun was setting , and as much we didn’t feel like leaving the mini heaven, we started walking downhill, to our wonderful camp area – where a magical evening and some scrumptious snacks were waiting for us.

The whole point of these mini-cations is to let loose, relax and unwind.

And we just did that. We ate and walked. Sang and laughed. Conversations were flowing, music was playing and people were swaying.

We were fortunate enough to have a singer in another group of the camp. Aftab and our singer friend truly gave us a night to remember! You had to BE THERE to feel the energy and the warmth of the place, it was truly infectious! The whole camp was united into this big circle of friends.

Our friends at Trade India couldn’t help but appreciate us in creating this hassle-free, remarkable trip for them. Our happiness lies in serving our clients. Nothing beats the satisfaction when you see the happiness on your client’s faces on a trip you created for them.

The beds finally lured us to get some sleep, we hadn’t had a proper one in the last 2 days. And hey, the most adventurous part hadn’t even begun yet.

We woke up early the next morning, had our breakfast and made our way to Shivpuri to experience the mighty rafting of Rishikesh, something all of us have heard about!

As excited as we were to just begin, it’s important to observe the safety instructions and wear our life jackets and helmets properly.

We kept all our wallets and phones into one large waterproof bag safley stored with the instructor

And thus, we embarked on our 16 kilometers long rafting ride- thrilling, rejuvenating and refreshing is how we would describe it.

As soon as we got comfortable with the raft, the water and the sudden rapids, we tried our hand at body surfing and cliff jumping.

Least to say, we were exhilarated!

We stopped in between for some maggi from a shop which was on the riverside, how convinient!

The stop gave us a chance to capture memories on our cameras as well.

Happy and satisfied, our journey came to an end. We changed into fresh clothes, grabbed our lemon sodas and headed towards our traveler.

It was time to leave for our sweet homes!

We honestly couldn’t be happier with Trade India team for being so enthusiastic, lively, and fun!

Tripffee adores the whole team and are looking forward to taking them to some amazing places in the future as well.

We always welcome corporate trips and are willing to make adjustments as our clients see best.

If you liked reading this blog and want to experience all this awesome-ness first hand, hit us up if you have any kind of travel needs.

We love what we do and that’s why we are good at it.  Do check out our Instagram Tripffee to catch some action as it happens.

Do checkout our Rishikesh package if you want to travel with us.

Till the next time!

~ Team Tripffee


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